2019 Chinese Movies » Immortal & Demons 2 捉妖大仙2

Immortal & Demons 2 (2019)


Immortal & Demons 2 Movie Poster, 捉妖大仙2 2019 Chinese film
Immortal & Demons 2 Movie Poster

Director: Dong Wei


Eric Suen Tian Yi, Demon Hunter
Kirsten Ren Snow Demon, Snow Girl
Pan Xin Old Lady Meng
Lee Lichun Master Immortal
Hao Xuankai Prison God
Chen Minghao Tian Cang
Gao Weiman Tian Jiao
Cao He Tian Qiong
Tian Haibo High Immortal
Da Yu  
Ning Xiaohua  

Also Known As:
Zhuo Yao Da Xian 2
The Love of Immortal

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 4 July 2019
Film Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy
Sub-genre: Mythology, Martial Arts

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